Division 01 Cajun Heritage Decorative Miniature Waterfowl (Open Class)

This Carving is expected to be a fine art 3-dimensional original composition. The Carvings must be half size or less. Raised feathers, detailed bills, texturing, etc., will be expected. Anything else in nature can be added to set the scene, e.g. adding grass, leaves, stumps, or rocks as components, but must be carved or hand formed. If encased in glass, the glass must be removed for judging. NO EXCEPTIONS. These carvings will be judged on originality, pose, composition, likeness to specie, painting and degree of difficulty. Size of carving between 6-8 inches from tip of chest to tip of tail (excluding pin feather).

1st Place - (Purchase Award) $200, Medallion and Best of Show Rosette
2nd Place - $30 and Show Ribbon
3rd Place - $20 and Show Ribbon

Entry Fee is $5 per entry.

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