General Rules

  1. It is the responsibility of all carvers to select the category for their work. It is also the responsibility of the carvers to see that his or her entry is placed in the proper registered category.  
  2. Any carvings that do not conform with the rules will be disqualified if brought to the attention of the judging committee before any of the divisions are judged.  
  3. All registered entries will remain on the competition tables during judging. No entries will be moved or handled by anyone but the Festival Committee. 
  4. Any objections to proceedings during the judging shall be immediately brought to the attention of the judging coordinator.  
  5. All registrations are final.  
  6. Once a carving has been entered it cannot be touched up with paint, weights or keels added, moved or otherwise altered. This will result in disqualified.  
  7. No machine made carvings will be allowed. Also, no reworked birds. If they are suspected by the judges, they will be eliminated from the competition.  
  8. Carvings can be entered by any documented team, and must be registered as such, with all names on the registration form.  
  9. The Festival will not be responsible for lost or damaged pieces!  
  10. All entries must remain on the competition tables until close of festival Sunday afternoon.  
  11. The Best of Show will be selected from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers from each division or category. The Best of Show will be one of the Best in Division or Category entries. Replacement rules applies for all contests.  
  12. Cast feet are not eligible in any contest except Novice and Amateur. Feet must be manufactured by the artist and if molds are used they must be made available to the judging committee.  
  13. Any member donating an original decoy, carved by the donor, for 100 percent auction donation, the registration fees for all other entries will be waived except for purchase award fees.  
  14. Members who donate a decoy for the raffle will have membership dues for one year waived.  
  15. The Judging Committee has the final Say on any interpretation of any rule in all competitions. The Judging Committee's decision is final.