Live Auction

Sunday at 1:00 p.m.

Approximately 200 works of Art available to the highest bidder.

Contemporary Decoys, Antique Decoys, Songbirds, Miniatures, Paintings, Miniature Boats, and more.

75/25 split for all original carvings donated to the auction with the donor receiving 75 percent of final price. 80 percent if final sale is $1,000 or greater.

  1. Any carver wishing to have his or her carving to be auctioned can do so. 
  2. Carver has the option of setting a minimum bid for his or her piece. 
  3. Final auction price will be split 75 percent towards the carver and 25 percent to the festival. 
  4. Every piece entered into the auction must have an auction entry number. This is the responsobility of the donor to check in his or her donations for registry. 
  5. Cajun Heritage Festival does not assume responsibility on the Authenticity of Decoys and Art Work in the Auction. 
  6. Auction items must be registered by 11:00 am on Sunday. Club is not responsible to register auction items for the carver.

For more information or to receive an auction brochure:

Robby Matherne at (985) 228-0845
or Carl Danos at (985) 693-7462